Reading Psalms – Week 1

The beginning of a season is the perfect time to start a Bible Reading schedule! And the Psalms fit right into a 13-week span. Take out your trusted calendar and mark it with a bible reading plan. Recommendation: Begin with the first Sunday of the month..

For a copy of the full schedule, right-click Read the Psalms in Ninety (90) Days and save to your computer’s Desktop. Print a copy to tuck into your Bible and also invite a buddy to share these readings with you. Navigation: Click on a number after Psalm(s) to read a selected chapter from the Reading Psalms – Week # page. [Good News Translation is currently featured.]

Week 1 of Reading the Psalms:

Day 1 Psalms 1-2-3

Day 2 Psalms 4-5

Day 3 Psalms 6-7

Day 4 Psalms 8-9

Day 5 Psalm 10

Day 6 Psalms 11-12-13

Day 7 Psalms 14-15-16

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